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The Southwest

Big Bend ~ Zion NP (UT) :: 48h x 36w" oil on wood :: 2017
Storm Over Vermilion Cliffs ~Vermilion Cliffs National Monument (AZ) :: 36h x 60w" oil on wood :: 2017
Zabriskie Point ~ Death Valley NNP (CA) :: 48h x 36w" oil on wood :: 2017
Freya Castle/Vishnu Temple ~ (North Rim) Grand Canyon NP (AZ) :: 24 h x 36w" oil on wood :: 2017
Cape Final ~  (North Rim) Grand Canyon NP (AZ) :: 36h x 24w" oil on wood :: 2017
Wotan's Throne ~ (North Rim) Grand Canyon NP (AZ) :: 48h x 72w" oil on wood :: 2017